Who We Are

About NRM Johnson

NRM Johnson are accountants, Auditors and Business Advisors with offices located in Adelaide in South Australia - full location details here.

We have been advising clients for more than 25 years. As Certified Practising Accountants (CPA) we are trained in providing our clients with up to date accounting, taxation, business and financial advice.

The Way

We will always be friendly and cheerful in all interactions with clients, suppliers, family and friends, regardless of how we are treated.

  • We are always responsible for our actions but can never be responsible for others' reactions.

For every financial piece of information that we produce as a practice in relation to our clients, our files should be clear as to where we got each and every figure in the report.

  • This is our ultimate substantiation in relation to any queries that may arise (from anybody) in relation to our work.
“That’s not my job” are words that would never be heard in our office from anyone on our team.

We return all our phone calls “immediately if not sooner”. In any case, always the same day or first thing next morning at the outside.

  • Our clients ring us when they need us so we must respond as soon as possible.
  • The biggest complaint about Accountants from new clients is their phone calls weren’t returned!

We will never give advice or provide services to our clients that they don’t really need but which result in us receiving good fees.

  • We only provide services that are in our clients’ best interests because we like to sleep well at night.